I’m Worried

The teen years are the healthiest and most resilient period in our lifespan. As parents we marvel at how quickly our children are changing and maturing. It can also be the riskiest time. The risk factors are reflected in the increasing and high rates of accidents, violence and reckless behaviors.

There are times in our parenting we have an intuition something may be amiss. You may notice behavior changes not typical of your child.

For example a usually talkative child becomes quiet and withdrawn; you notice a typically easy going child becomes easily frustrated. A pattern of behaviors may be concerning.

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Tips for Troubleshooting 5 Common Teen Behavior Problems

Here are a few tips for navigating the minefield of common teen problem behaviors.

Drug Danger Signs

If you see any of these signs (and especially a combination of a number of these signs), it’s time to talk to your child.

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