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Talk to Your Teen

Be proactive. Start the conversation.

It is important to talk with teenagers about the risk of drugs and alcohol before there is an issue. Be informed, arm your teen with knowledge, encourage questions, listen and keep the lines of communication open. For conversation tips check out our Resource library. Search ‘How do I talk to my teenager about drugs?’

Family Communication: An Introduction

Today’s families have to deal with many issues--busier schedules, new technologies, and ever-changing day-to-day challenges, etc. By intentionally building good communication practices, you can ensure that your family remains strong, even when things get tough.

How to Listen Actively to Your Children

Teaching your children the truth about drugs and alcohol

Helping Teens Evaluate Their Drug Use

How Do I Talk to My Teenager About Drugs?

How to Get Through to Your Teen

Posted October 7, 2014

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